About Me

Welcome to unitymama.com. I am Natasha Subbiah, founder of unitymama.com, former chemical engineer and mum of two. I left the professional environment six years ago to mother my children full-time. In this time, I have turned to writing to fulfil my yearning to contribute to the world. I am passionate about all matters of kindness, but I focus my writing on two manifestations of kindness that are close to my heart, i.e.

  1. Healthy Eating, because sound health is linked to what we consume. If you would like to receive updates on this topic, please like my Facebook Page: How to Get Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables. I hope to have a book with all my material out soon.
  2. Spirituality with a focus on promoting peace and social cohesion between various faiths and cultures. For updates on this topic, please like the following Facebook Page: Unity Mama

I hope that I can serve you in some way. Wishing you all sound health and peace.

Unity Mama